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The AGNR Website Manual has been replaced by the Website Support Wiki .

Logging In

Video Tutorial: Logging In

Security in the AGNR site

The AGNR website can be accessed two ways: using standard protocol (URL begins with http://) and secure protocol (URL begins with https://). The content is identical in each, but the secure protocol keeps your personal information safe when you are editing the site. The login link will take you...

Your User Account

To change your personal information (Name, email, password, etc.), you must access your user account. There are two ways you can do this: From anywhere on the site, click your username in the upper right, then once you are taken to your profile page, click the “Edit” tab. This will take you to the...

Using Image Fields

Image fields may have different names ("Main image" and "Images" are a few), but they all work in a similar way.

Sources for Images

If you're looking for images to add to your website content, check out " Downloadable photos and graphics" on this site. It has links to many other websites where you can download images, many for free!

Using the file browser

The file browser is a way to find and manage files (including images as well as documents) on the server. Uploading files and selecting previously uploaded files for new applications are common tasks performed with the file browser. See the links below for common things you can do in the file...

Cannot link to a page

What if the page I want to link to isn't found by Linkit? If you are using the search feature to find pages to link to, occasionally Drupal will not display the one you want. This commonly occurs when you want to link to an unsupported content type. The Linkit search feature only works on certain...

Editing a menu link

To edit a menu link, follow these steps.