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Providing support for potential members

The only way for members to join your group is to receive an invitation from a group administrator.

Sometimes, however, people stumble across a group, or learn of it from a non-administrator. In those cases, you will want to provide a way for those people to request an invitation.

There are many ways to accomplish this, and the way you choose to do so is at your own discretion. However, we do recommend that you provide the following on your group home page:

  1. Some help text for non-members to understand what your group is about.
  2. A way for people to contact you if they have questions.

You can choose to list your contact information on your homepage, but if you prefer, you can instead use your personal contact form. Every user on this site gets a personal contact form, which comes standard with some rudimentary spam protection features. This contact form is not advertised or made public, but you can choose to share a link to your contact form, for those who require assistance.

Sharing your Contact Form

Go to your user profile

When you are logged into this site, your profile can be accessed by clicking the "Hello" link at the top right of your screen.

hello valerie highlighted next to log out link

Edit your profile

Once on your profile page, click the "Edit" tab.

Edit tab highlighted next to View tab above Group membership information

Find your contact form URL

On the edit screen, ensure that the "Personal Contact Form" checkbox is checked.

When enabled, the help text will contain a link to your personal contact form. Copy the URL of that link.

Contact settings box with explanatory text. Personal contact form link is highlighted.

Publicize your contact form link

From here on, what you do with your personal contact form is your choice!

Our recommendation is that you post this URL as a link somewhere on your group homepage, with instructions to contact you if help is needed.