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Assigning group roles

Video: Administering members and roles

It is possible to have more than one group administrator, and it is also possible to allow certain members to edit content within the group. Both of these can be accomplished by adding roles to the members you specify.

The following steps show you how to add privileges to a regular member’s account.

Go to the Group tab on your group homepage

Group tab highlighted on Faculty & Staff group homepage.

Click "People"

People option highlighted on the Faculty and Staff group admin screen

Select users to modify

Just as before, find the user in your list of members (the People screen). In this example, I have searched for a specific username, so only one user is listed. Check the box next to their name.

Checked checkbox highlighted next to username on People screen

Modify User Roles

In the Operations dropdown, choose “Modify OG user roles.” Click Execute.

In case you're curious, the OG stands for Organic Groups, the Drupal module we use to divide this site into groups.

Modify OG user roles selected in Operations dropdown

Set roles to add and remove

You will be taken to a screen where you can add and remove user roles. Under “Add roles,” select “Contributor member."

If you want them to also be able to manage group members, add the "Administrator member" rold.

See the Reference section on “Group Roles” to learn what each role can do).

Leave the “Remove roles” section alone.

Click Next.

Set Parameters screen for Modify user roles, with contributor member selected in the Add roles select box

Click Confirm

The system will ask you if you are sure and again list all the accounts that will be affected, and you should click "Confirm."

Confirmation screen for modify user roles

You will see a success message at the top of the screen, and the new role will appear next to the user in the “Roles” column.

Success Message. Contributor member role highlighted next to user name.