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MACAA Committees

2018-2019 Committees


          Luke Gustafson, President
          Paul Goeringer
, President-Elect
          Andy Kness, Vice-President
          Neith Little, Secretary          
          Dale Johnson, Treasurer
          John Moyle, Past President


          Dale Johnson, Treasurer
          Luke Gustafson, Vice President

Annual Meeting

          Ginny Rosenkranz

Policy and Nominating

          Jennifer Rhodes, Chair
          Dave Myers
          Shannon Dill
          Jeff Semler
          Willie Lantz

Foundation Fund

          Jim Lewis, Chair
          Matt Morris, Vice Chair


          Susan Schoenian

Professional Improvement Council

          Jennifer Rhodes - Agricultural Economics and Community Development
          Andy Kness- Agronomy and Pest Management
          Jeff Semler - Animal Science
          Ginny Rosenkranz - Horticulture and Turfgrass
          Jackie Takacs - Natural Resources/Aquaculture
          Nevin Dawson - Sustainable Agriculture         

Extension Development Council

          Neith Little  - Leadership & Administrative Skills
          Paul Goeringer - Agricultural Issues & Public Relations
          Willie Lantz - Early Career Development
          Susan Schoenian - Teaching & Educational Technologies

 Program Recognition Council

          Shannon Dill - 4-H & Youth
          Nate Richards - Communications
          Emily Zobel - Professional Excellence
          Jim Lewis - Public Relations
          Ginny Rosenkranz - Recognition and Awards
          Peter Coffey - Scholarship
          Ben Beale - Search for Excellence

Life Membership Committee

          Terry Poole