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MACAA Award Winners

2017 Distinguished Service Award (10 years or more of service)

         Shannon Dill
         Past Winners

2017 Mid-Career Award (10-20 years of service)

          Joe Fiola
          Past Winners

2017 Achievement Award (less than 10 years of service)

          Doris Behnke
          Past Winners

2016 National Award Finalists 

          Jennifer Rhodes - Team Newsletter
          Jennifer Rhodes - Video Recording

2016 Regional Award Finalists

          Jarrod Miller - Program Promotional Piece

          Ginny Rosenkranz - Feature Story

          Ginger Myers - Publication

2016 State Winner

          Ginger Myers - Web Site

2017 Special Awards

          Service to Agriculture - Grove Miller
          Past Winners

          Honorary Agent - Robert Kratochvil
          Past Winners