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Event Lists

There is a specific type of this content on this site called an Event, to announce upcoming events and other calendar items. Every group that creates Events has a dedicated spot where all those events are listed. As a group contributor member, you can choose to create a link to your Events list from any page you can edit.

How to find your group’s Event List

  1. Find your Group ID. You can get your Group ID by going to your group’s homepage and clicking the Edit tab. The Group ID will be the number found near the end of the URL.
  2. Visit the following page:, replacing ### with your Group ID.

Making your Event list look good

We’re aware that this isn’t the most gorgeous list ever, so please bear with us as we work on the design.

However, there are a few things you can do to make your list look nice. One is to use the Summary field when creating an event. This will ensure the most relevant information appears in your event list, and it won't be all broken up by images and other unwanted formatting. Learn how to use the Summary field here.