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BCMG Meetings and Speaker Series

The Baltimore City Master Gardener Meetings and Speaker Series

The third Tuesdays of the spring and fall months are home to the BCMG meetings and the BCMG Speaker Series.  These speakers are organized and brought together by the BCMG Vice President.

BCMG Meetings

These meetings count towards you volunteer hours (driving time, plus meeting time), and allow Baltimore City Master Gardeners and Interns to connect with one another on upcoming projects, get updates from the Baltimore City Master Gardener Board of Advisers and the UME Baltimore City Master Gardener Coordinator.

These meetings are also when BCMGs VOTE for exectutive committee members every October! The Executive Committee is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Each agrees to serve a 1-year term, and may not serve more than three 1-year terms. Nominations for these positions happen in September.

Find more information about these position in the UME BCMG Policies and Guidelines. 

Speaker Series - Continuing Education for BCMGs and the Public
Join on select Tuesday evenings to hear from very talented UME Specialists, Professors and Professionals as well as UME Baltimore City Master Gardeners.  This Baltimore City Master Gardener (BCMG) Speaker Series is always following the BCMG general meeting (open to all BCMGs).

Cylburn Arboretum Greenhouse Classroom

BCMG meeting at 6:30 pm; Speaker starts at 7:00pm

Spring 2019 UME BCMG Speaker Series


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Invasives in Maryland – A Call to Action by All of us!  


Invasive species are the second greatest threat to native species, after loss of habitat. (And that's not just in Maryland, it's a global issue.)  They also impact our food security and are linked to changing soil structure and fertility.  They often lack a natural control and can over-run our natural areas.  "Invasives In Maryland" will review the definition of "invasive", discuss how they got here, how they affect our natural areas, state legislation (here and elsewhere) addressing the issue, and how the consumer and gardener can combat the problems brought about by invasive plants.  


Debbie Swartz, a Baltimore City Master Gardener since 2002, is dedicated to using native plants in her yard. Last year she organized many of her neighbors to be part of the BayWise tour. But in addition, along with a great group of neighbors (They call themselves the Green Team!), she has been doing trail maintenance on Stony Run between Wyndhust and Gilman. This has given her lots of experience with invasive species!  Debbie will share her communities experience with invasive plants just prior to our invited speaker. (10 minutes)

Paula Becker is an ecologist with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Program.  Her current duties include Volunteer Coordination and Outreach for the State's non-game and endangered species program as well as species surveys and habitat restoration.  She is co-facilitator for the MD Master Naturalist Program host site at the Annapolis DNR Headquarters and was on the steering committee that created the program. Prior to joining Maryland DNR, she served as a naturalist for New Jersey State Parks and Forests, provided Integrated Pest Management at a native plant’s nursery, and trained as a wildlife rehabilitator in Seattle, Washington.  She holds a double Bachelor of Science, in Forest Biology and Resource Management, with concentrations in wildlife biology and plant ecology from the State University of New York - College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What is the forecast for plant diseases this summer?!

Master Gardeners: There will be a plant exchange prior to the start of the May meeting. Please come early for the exchange!


Join Dave Clement of the University of Maryland Extension for a forecast of upcoming plant diseases we may encounter this season.  What are they and what do we need to do to prepare for them? In addition to a presentation Dave will take us for a walk around Cylburn Arboretum for a better understanding of what is happening in our own gardens.


Stuart Caplan has been a Baltimore City Master Gardener since 1999! He has also become an expert in diagnosing plant diseases and insects that are not healthy for our plants. Of course, this has impacted his own gardens. How did he get into this area? Why is he intrigued by it? What resources does he use? Stuart will share his journey into the world of plant diseases during a short presentation prior to our guest speaker (10 minutes)


David Clement has served as a state-wide extension specialist in plant pathology/IPM/diagnostics for Maryland Extension for the past 30 years.  His primary focus areas are invasive disease species education, the correct diagnosis of ornamental/lawn problems, and management of diseases/cultural issues through IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies.  He coordinates, develops, and participates in presentations and applied research targeted to the Landscape/Turf industry and is located at The University of Maryland’s Home and Garden Information Center.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Are Baltimore City’s Gardens Safe Urban Harvests?

Johns Hopkins Report on Study

We frequently hear questions about the safety of Baltimore’s soils and urban-grown produce. To answer questions raised by Baltimore’s urban agriculture community, the Center for a Livable Future conducted the Safe Urban Harvests (SUH) study to investigate potential contamination risks associated with urban agriculture in Baltimore City. The SUH study team surveyed Baltimore's farm managers and community garden leaders and collected soil, water, and produce samples and analyzed them for the presence of heavy metals.  By investigating these potential risks, the hope is to address these concerns and promote safer growing practices.

Representatives from the Safe Urban Harvests Study team will give a report of their findings at the June BCMG Speaker Series. Plan to join us for this important report!

Robert Cook, a Baltimore City Master Gardener since 2014, coordinated the outreach to community gardens in Baltimore City.  Working with community garden leaders is an important part of the work of the UMD Extension Baltimore City Master Gardeners. It requires not only support but also education and guidance with community garden leaders on how to keep their soil and gardens clean, advising them on soil tests, and more.  Robert will share his experience in working with community garden leaders. Robert is now coordinating the demonstration garden at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. (10 minutes)

Sara Lupolt, MPH, is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a CLF-Lerner Fellow at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. She received her BA in Government and Environmental Studies from Franklin & Marshall College in 2011 and her MPH in Environmental Health Science and Policy from the George Washington Milken Institute School of Public Health in 2015. Her research focuses on the public health impacts of growing food in cities, and she is active in CLF’s ongoing Safe Urban Harvests Study, which seeks to characterize the risks of exposure to metal contaminants among urban agriculture participants in Baltimore City. Sara’s adviser is Keeve Nachman, PhD.