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Master Naturalist Assignments

Volunteer Training Pre-Reading Assignments

Welcome Trainees! Your Program Facilitator has provided you with a Training Schedule and the designated pre-reading for each training session.

  1. Please refer to the schedule in preparing for each class.
  2. The pre-readings are designed to give "basis" information about each topic with which we feel all Trainees should be familiar.
  3. The Units will not be taught in order.  Not all Units have a pre-reading at this time.
  4. The pre-readings are from multiple Instructors and do not necessarily reflect your Instructor's presentation.
  5. The supplemental readings are "extra" reading that Instructors thought you might find interesting depending on your knowledge level.

First Class Orientation: Introduction to the Maryland Master Naturalist Program

Unit 1: Natural History

     Supplemental Readings

Unit 2: Flora & Fauna




  • Botany Chapter (printed in your Volunteer Manual)
  • 2 study questions 
    Supplemental Readings




     Supplemental Readings


     Supplemental Readings

Reptiles & Amphibians

     Supplemental Readings

Unit 3: Ecology

  • Ecology Chapter - in your manual

     Supplemental Readings

Unit 4: Humans and the Landscape

     Supplemental Readings

Unit 5: Science of Science

     Supplemental Readings

Unit 6: Teaching and Interpretation

     Supplemental Readings