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Video Tutorials

This training series introduces the features of AGNR's websites and provides all the essential information required to contribute content to any of AGNR's public-facing Drupal websites.

In total, the videos take about an hour to watch. At the end of each set of videos is a quiz to test what you learned. The quiz results will be used to give you access to to edit the websites.

Advanced topics are covered in additional videos. Find them using the left hand menu or scroll to the bottom of this page.


In order to get a new account, we must first receive a New Account Request via the Web Service Desk. The form must be submitted by someone who has decision-making authority over the content of the website in question. Typically this is a director/supervisor, but it can also be another person who already has access and will be sharing the editorial duties.

Request an account here. (UMD Directory login required)

Part 1

Video Duration
Introduction to this Course 0:55
Getting Help 1:39
Introduction to AGNR's Websites 2:20
Getting a new account 1:12
Logging In 1:07
Login Problems 1:11
Account Settings 1:46
Editing Content 2:12
Fixing and Avoiding Mistakes 1:46
Finding Content and Using Workbench 2:03

Quiz 1

Quiz 1 covers topics from the videos above. This is a scored quiz, and your results will be sent to the Web Team.

Take Quiz 1 now.

Part 2

Video Duration
Creating Content 1:22
Unpublishing Content 1:57
Content Types 3:33
Content Types: News Story 5:25
Content Types: Event 5:36
Content Types: Basic Page 3:19
Using the Text Editor 2:57
Creating Links 2:43
Working with Images: Finding and Preparing Images 2:02
Using Image Fields 3:13
Inserting Images in Text 1:54
Working with Files 4:01
Menus 2:40

Quiz 2

This quiz covers the material in the second set of videos above. This is a scored quiz, and your results will be sent to the Web Team. You must pass Quiz 2 to be given full contributor permissions on the AGNR Websites.

Take Quiz 2 now.

Part 3: Extension

The Extension portion of this training series is an additional 15 minutes of videos that you only need to watch if you'll be working on any part of It will provide valuable information about how the Extension site differs from other AGNR websites.

Video Duration
Introduction to the Extension Website 1:07
Focus on Education 2:27
Educational Articles 3:00
Combining Articles into Books 3:06
Sections 2:13
Ownership Fields 3:47