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Drupal is the content management system that the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is using to run its websites. If you will be creating or editing content for AGNR, this guide can help you learn to do it in Drupal.

With Drupal, you don’t have to be a web developer to create meaningful, readable, organized content on the Web. Drupal takes care of the details of how information is arranged and presented, and lets users focus on the actual content to be displayed.

Most of the content on a Drupal-based site is stored in a database. Text and images are submitted by filling in forms via a web browser. When visitors view a page, Drupal gets the relevant bits of content from the database and composes all of the components of the page in a template.

Follow this guide to learn about how Drupal has been implemented on the AGNR websites and how you can contribute to and edit the sites within Drupal!