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Webforms: Video Tutorials

*For all these links, if the video doesn't load with a click, try opening the link in a new tab or right-clicking to download/save the video file.

The following videos are clips from a live web training (Apologies for the poor sound quality!).

VideoLengthTopics Covered
Introduction to Webforms1:44Examples of Webforms, Viewing Webform results
First Steps1:38Creating a Webforms, Adding Webforms to menus
Adding Components4:27Adding a field, Field settings, Textfields
Select Options4:39Creating checkboxes, radio buttons, and select lists
Email Options6:36Email fields, Notification emails, Thank-you emails
Form Settings2:10Confirmation pages and messages, Submission limits
Viewing Webform Results1:43Anonymous forms, Results Tables, Downloading to Excel, Analysis