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Webform Security

Webforms have the potential to collect personal information. Be respectful of your users and mindful of the data that you collect.

Be aware that security settings on Webforms vary from site to site. On the AGNR Groups site, for example, Webform results can only be viewed by the user who created the Webform. On the Extension site, on the other hand, any signed-in user can view results from any Webform. Do not use Webforms to collect information that is considered private.

And, regardless of what you are collecting with your Webforms, follow this best practice: To prevent data from falling into the wrong hands, periodically, you should download your Webform results and save them somewhere secure. Then clear the results so they are no longer stored on the website.

It is especially wise to clear Webform results after the Webform is no longer being used to collect data.