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News Story

The typical use for News Stories on the AGNR site is for reporting past events, noteworthy things occurring in the college, and press releases.

News Stories are very "in the moment"—they can be easily highlighted on homepages and are listed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent articles show up at the top of news listings. However, when they are no longer fresh, they get displaced by other, newer, content. News Stories are kept on the site indefinitely, so they can be found in the archives when needed, but they become harder to find as they become older and less relevant, helping keep AGNR's sites current.

News articles are featured on the homepage both in a slideshow and in a listing below that.

News stories are also featured in many sidebars, such as this one on the Extension site.


At left, a news story as it looks when published.


Tip: News Stories aren't just for the kind of stuff you'd read in the Washington Post. To highlight a program, person, or page on your site, you can write an brief News Story, link it to the desired piece of content, and then the article can be featured on the homepage slider and in the news listings! (You will need to find out who manages your homepage slideshow and get their assistance to add it there.)

How to Create a News Story

 Click "Add News Story" in your Toolbar. Fill in the fields below.

Title and Subtitle

The Title is, unsurprisingly, the title that will appear at the top of the page! With news writing, aim for a succinct title, and if you need to add more information to clarify, put it in the subtitle. In the sample above, "AGNR at BioScience Day" is the title, and "Researchers strut their stuff at annual collaborative event" is the subtitle.

Title text field

Main Image

This is the image that will appear at the top of the page, and as an icon in news listings. This image will be cropped to a square in those listings, so it is important to set the focus field to keep the cropped image looking its best. For help working with images, see "Working with Images" and "Using Image Fields" in the Drupal Cheat Sheets section.

When you have uploaded the image, be sure to add Alternate Text for visitors who cannot see the image.

There is also a "Caption" field. This is different from the Alt text in that it can provide additional information that can't be seen in the image. For example, the Alt text might read "A group of students standing in front of the Statue of Liberty" and the Caption might read "AGNR students took a trip to New York, where the Statue of Liberty was just one of their many stops."

The Image Credit field allows you to give credit to the photographer.

When the News Story is published, the caption and credit will be overlaid on the image at the top of the page.

Upload field for main image, Image Caption text field, and Image Credit text field
A sample of an image with the caption overlaid on it


Tags allow news stories to be categorized, and enable visitors to find stories on topics that interest them.

Tag news stories with terms that describe the subject matter of the story. It is not helpful to tag news items with redundant tags such as "news."

If a tag already exists on the website, Drupal will suggest it in a dropdown when you start typing. If it doesn't, it will be saved for future use when you save the story. Separate each tag (which can be a short phrase) from the next with a comma.

Tags text field

Related Photos

Images capture visitors' eyes and interest, so if there are additional images that relate to a News Story (beyond the Main Image described above), they can be added to a Photo Gallery and attached to the story.

Some sites use a dropdown menu to select from existing photo galleries, while others work like a search box. If your site's Related Photos field doesn't have a dropdown list, type the gallery's name into the field, and Drupal will suggest galleries that match what you've typed. If you have not added the images yet, you will need to add a Photo Gallery first, then go back to the news story to link it.

Related photos dropdown menu