AGNR Groups

Web Groups for the College of Agriculture &
Natural Resources and Affiliates

Manage registrations

To view who has registered, first click the Manage Registrations tab. Then click “Registrations.”

Registrations link under the Manage Registrations tab

A list of registrations will be shown.

List of registrations in a table with registrant's name, user name, date of registration, and links to edit or view

View a registration

To view more details about any registration (for example, to read the Message field), click the “View” link.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to export Registrations, so if you need to collect all that extra data for every registrant, you will need to view each one and copy it manually into the program of your choice.

Detail view of an event registration with Message field shown

Email registrants

You can send a mass email to all of the registrants. In the Registrations tab, click “Email registrants.”

Email registrants section under the manage Registrations tab

Type a subject and body for your email.

You cannot select the sender of your email from this form. If you want to change the sender, you’ll have to change the default sender, as described in the “Registration Settings” section.

Subject and body text fields

Then click Send or Preview as you prefer!

Send and Preview buttons