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Menu link properties

Menu link title (Required)

This is the text of the link—the name of the page the link will go to, for example.

Text box for menu link title

Path (Required)

The path is the URL of the link. If it is to an external site, make sure to use the full path, including the http://

If it is to a page within the current website, only include everything after the first slash. So for a page at, enter about/staff.

Creating a menu link to a file is not encouraged, but if you choose to do this, you will need to get the file URL either by noting its path within the image browser, or finding a link to it and copying the URL from the link.

Text field for menu link Path


As long as “Enabled” is checked, the menu link will appear in the menu. If it is unchecked, the menu link will no longer be visible.

This can be helpful if you want to temporarily hide a link without removing it permanently.

Show as expanded

In the left sidebar, submenu items are hidden by default, but are shown depending on what page you’re looking at (The image at right shows the Agriculture item expanded as well as the Newsletters item beneath it). When a menu link is expanded, all of its subpages are listed underneath it. “Show as expanded” makes the submenu items visible all the time.

Menu with the agriculture item expanded, the newsletters item expanded under that, and two links under Newsletters visible

Parent Link


The menu or menu item where this link will appear. The appropriate menu should be pre-selected, but you can select from any of the menus you have permission to edit.

If you choose the menu name (surrounded by angle brackets <>), then the link will be at the top level of that menu and will always be shown. Otherwise, the menu item will be placed in the hierarchy of indented links as shown in the example image above.

Parent Link dropdown


Weight helps determine where the link will show in the menu (i.e. closer to the bottom or closer to the top).

If a number high in the list (negative number) is selected, the link will appear high in the menu, but if a number low in the list (positive numbers) is selected, the link will appear low in the menu.

If no weight is selected for any of your menu items, they will be ordered alphabetically.

Choosing menu order by weight is an inexact science with a lot of guesswork. An easier way to arrange menu links is shown in the section on reordering a menu.

Menu Item Attributes (ID and Classes)

These two fields are available for advanced theming of menus. They can and should be left blank.

Be sure to click save when you are done editing the link!