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Adding a menu link

Every link in a menu should correspond to a page within that section.

So, to add a new link to the menu, you must first create a Basic Page (it is also possible to add a Webform to a menu).

Then use the “Menu Settings” options on that page to place it into the correct location on the menu.

Menu settings on Page edit form

Ensure that “Provide a menu link” is checked.

Tabs at bottom of page. Menu settings open. Arrow pointing to: Provide a Menu Link

Parent Item

Then choose the appropriate menu parent for hierarchical display. This allows you to select which menu and where within it your link will appear.

Words within brackets < > indicate the name of the menu. Words with dashes – show submenu items

In the example menu, the parent of “Circle of Friends” is “Alumni awards,” while the parent of “Alumni Awards” is “<Alumni>” (the root of the “Alumni” menu).

Thus the page currently being edited will be placed in a submenu underneath "Circle of friends."

Menu parent selection dropdown with dashes to indicate indents, next to sample of the same menu as it appears on screen

Other menu options

  • Menu link title is the text that will appear in the menu. This is pre-set to be the same as the title of the page, but if the page has an especially long name, you might want to come up with a shorter title to make it fit better in the menu.
  • Parent item (see above).
  • Weight gives an approximate location in the menu relative to the links around it. If all values within a menu are left at zero, all the links at the same level will be in alphabetical order. Otherwise, numbers high in the list (negative numbers) will put the link high in the menu and numbers low in the list will put the link low in the menu. An easier way of managing the placement of links in a menu is to use the “Menus” administrative features, but not all users have this option.
  • ID and Classes, if you see them, are administrative features that you can and should leave blank
menu options form: menu link title, parent item, weight, ID, and classes