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Searching for Content with Workbench

Combining the simple site search and the personalized content listing in My Workbench is the Workbench search feature!

Search All Content

To find content from among everything on the site, you may find the All Content view helpful.

Access it by clicking “All Recent Content” at the top or “View all” at the bottom.

Workbench screen with 'all recent content' highlighted at top and 'view all' highlighted at bottom

On the All Recent Content screen, you can see recently edited content, as well as search for it by title, type, and published status.

Bear in mind that on some sites (including Extension), you can’t see any unpublished content in this view.

List of all content with search fields at top of list

Search for your own content

To find only content that you have created or edited, start on the Workbench main screen, and click either "My Edits" or the "view all" link underneath your list of recent edits.

On the next screen you can search and filter as desired.