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Password-protecting content

How can I password-protect my content so only a few people have access to it?

AGNR’s public websites are just that: Public! Thus, there is no way to have password-protected content on the sites. However, AGNR does provide a few secure repositories for your internal communications.

Here are a few options for sharing information securely.


The AGNR Wiki (called Confluence) is a place where ANGR faculty and staff can post information and store documents. Access to this site is limited only to university employees.

Screenshot of AGNR Wiki homepage

There are several formats available on the Wiki:
Blank page, file list, product requirements, blog post, meeting notes

UMD Extension uses the Wiki extensively as a knowledge base for Extension staff (For example, the UME Answers space) as well as a place to foster discussion about UME policies and publications. The AGNR Web team created a Wiki space to solicit feedback and questions about an upcoming website redesign. The AGNR Wiki really shines when it is used a social network where many users can collaborate, comment, and share. However, it can also be used as a simple repository of information.

We recommend looking to the Wiki as your first-choice for hosting private content.


Managed by the University of Maryland and a corporation that deals mainly in file sharing, Box is the most reliable and secure way to keep your content private. It is an excellent resource for sharing a single file, but it also can store whole folders of content.

Any UMD employee can start sharing files on Box by going to

AGNR Groups

AGNR Groups is a Drupal website developed specifically to house internal communications and login-protected content for AGNR faculty, staff, and affiliates. This is the site you are currently reading. On this site, any user can request to join a group. Group members gain access to the group’s private content. Unlike the Wiki, the AGNR Groups site leaves less room for commenting and collaboration, and it serves more as a traditional website where information is only outgoing.

The AGNR Groups site has several of the content types that are available on AGNR’s public sites, including Events and Webforms.
Add Page, Event, Webform options on AGNR Groups site

The main advantage of using AGNR Groups is that people who are not AGNR employees can be members. Groups that make good use of this site include Master Gardeners (mostly volunteers) and 4-H clubs (including volunteer club leaders).

Comparison of Private sites




  • Most flexibility for sharing options
  • Most secure
  • Ability to comment and collaborate
  • Per-file and per-folder access control
  • Ability to follow users and pages
  • Ability to comment on posts
  • More secure (access restricted to current employees)
  • Per-post and per-user access settings
  • Blog feature
  • Meeting planning feature
  • Linking between documents
  • Anyone can join
  • Event calendar feature
  • Webform feature (customizable forms)
  • Linking between documents


  • Sharing options can be confusing.
  • Ownership by individuals, not a group
  • Difficult to turn off comments for individual posts
  • Access limited to current employees
  • Less secure
  • No commenting feature
  • No way to follow or subscribe to posts
  • Less flexible access control
  • Signup process can be confusing