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Lost Page / Lost Content

Q: I made a change to a page, and now I can no longer find it in the website! What can I do?

There are two major reasons for being unable to find a piece of content you have recently edited: 1) It is unpublished, and you were not the original author, or 2) The URL has changed.

These are probably not the only reasons that content gets lost, but they are definitely the most common! Here are some tips for finding your content and getting it back.

Find the content in your browser history

If you haven't navigated too far away from the page, try to get back to it (or where it used to be) by using your browser's back button. If you lost it a while ago, you may still be able to find it by title in your browser history. To access your browser history (in Firefox), click the menu icon in the upper right and choose “History.”

Firefox main menu with History link highlighted

From there, you can scan to find the title of the content you’re missing. Click “Show all history” to see even more pages.

Firefox's list of recent history, with 'show all history' highlighted at bottom

Click the title of the page that you lost to return to its former home. You may not see the page, but the error message that you receive should give you an idea of what happened.

Handling Error Messages

If you get a “Page Not Found” message, there is a good chance the content was moved. In that case, try searching the site for it instead (see below).

If you get an “Access Denied” error, the most likely explanation is that the content is unpublished and you are not the original author. If you feel you should have access to the content, please send a message to the Web Team explaining why you need it, and we can re-publish it for you or set you as the author. Remember to include the URL!

Search for your missing content

You can use the main search box or the Workbench search feature to try to find missing content.

If your page shows up in the search results, then you know it still exists. It probably has just moved and you will need to update the links to it.

Updating broken links due to changed URLs

After finding your page in search or My Workbench, click the title to be taken to the page’s new location.

As shown in the picture, normally, a page’s URL should correspond to its title.

If you have recently renamed the page, its URL probably changed. To fix the problem, you must update any hard-coded links to this page.

Tip: Always use the “Search” feature in Linkit when linking to other content within the same website. This will enable Drupal to automatically update the link if the title changes.

Occasionally a page’s URL was originally set to a custom path, and when you edit it, it gets changed automatically, breaking other links to it. If this is the case, please contact the Web Team with the page’s current URL and the URL that it used to have, and we will address the issue.

AGNR Research page showing 'agnr-research' as the URL path