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Edit Tab Missing

I want to edit a page, but there is no Edit tab. What's wrong?

  1. You might be logged out. Click “Admin login” at the bottom of the page to log in, then return to the page you want to edit.
  2. You might be on the standard (non-secure) version of the site. This can make it appear as though you are logged out. Check the URL in your address bar. If it begins with http://, change that to https:// and reload the page. In most browsers, you should also see a green lock icon to indicate you're using the right protocol.
    address bar with lock icon and URL begininng with HTTPS
  3. You might not have permission to edit the page. If you are logged in (you will see your personal toolbar if you are), check for a yellow highlighted section somewhere within the content of the page. This should tell you what section the page is in. If you do not belong to that section, ask your supervisor to request that you be added.
     Global Impact' highlighted above content