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AGNR Groups site

What is the AGNR Groups site?

AGNR Groups (the site you're currently looking at!) is a Drupal website developed specifically to house internal communications for communities affiliated with AGNR, but not necessarily employees of AGNR. If you have large groups of volunteers, or conduct a class or training course that is not part of the UMD curriculum, AGNR Groups could be an ideal place to house your web space.

Major reasons to use AGNR Groups:

  • The content that you want to share is only relevant to a limited group of people, and would be a distraction on your “main” website.
  • You need to keep your content password-protected.
  • Your group's leadership changes frequently.

Alternatives to AGNR Groups

  • UMD Box: Managed by the University of Maryland and Box, this service features inherent security, and allows granular control over who can see and edit your content. Good for sharing files.
  • AGNR Wiki: By default limited just to AGNR employees, content can also be made fully public. Good for community interaction, commenting, and collaboration. Bad for communicating with people who are not employees of AGNR. See a comparison of AGNR Groups and these other sharing platforms.

If you have content that would be a fit for the AGNR Groups site, please view the Group Administration Step by Step Guide for information on how you can get started!

Or contact the Web Team if you have any questions.