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Which content type should I create?

The following table describes four commonly used types of content on the AGNR sites and their best uses. Refer to it when you're having trouble deciding how best to present your information. Below is a quiz with specific scenarios you might run across.

Content Type




Used for

Educational Article (Extension and Research sites)

An informational piece of content that teaches the reader about some topic.

Fact Sheets, how-tos

screenshot of article

Reference Material


Something that is scheduled to occur at a specific time in the future


Upcoming lectures, fairs, open houses, and deadlines


News Story

Updates on current events and topics of immediate interest


Press Releases, Promotional Pieces, Descriptions of past events

Staying up to date


Static information that will stay relevant over time, content that doesn't fit in other categories

Staff directory, links to external resources, Description of your work

Learning more about you


Want to try your knowledge at content-type selection?  For each of the questions below, try to choose which of the four above types of content you should create (Educational Article, Event, News Story, or Page). These questions are geared towards Extension contributors, but anyone can play! The answers can be found below.

  1. You want to announce a vegetable gardening class that will be held at your county office
  2. You want to tell about the accomplishments of some of the people in your program
  3. You want to recap a recent event
  4. You want to provide a profile of a specific kind of bird
  5. You want to teach people the basics of marketing
  6. You want to share a list of links to other websites related to your program
  7. You want to list agriculture programs in your county
  8. An Extension educator in your county wants to share his expertise on a subject
  9. You want to share a bunch of PDF’s about growing grapes and making wine


  1. To announce a class in advance, you should use the event content type.
  2. A news story is a great way to generate buzz about your recent accomplishments. If you want a permanent record of these accomplishments, however, it might be better to create a page so that people can go back to it. Think of a page as a profile that you keep adding to, as you add accomplishments to your resume. There is no reason you can't create both: a news story describing the most recent accomplishment, which would be featured on the home page for a short time and links to the permanent page that describes all the accomplishments in depth and chronologically.
  3. If an event already happened, a news story is the best way to recap it.
  4. You are providing educational information about a bird, so an educational article would be the way to go.
  5. The basics of marketing is an educational topic, so you should create an educational article.
  6. A list of links is a classic example of a basic page.
  7. This information that is specific to your county would be best shared as a page and added to your county's menu.
  8. Any time Extension subject matter is involved, an educational article is an excellent choice.
  9. Since these PDFs are intended to educate people about a specific topic (wine-making), they should be presented in the form of educational articles (probably one PDF per article, but that is open to your discretion)

Got any questions about what content type to create? Don't hesitate to ask your web development team! We want to help you make the Extension site as well organized as it can be!