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Revisions and Reversions

Every time you save a piece of content, a new revision is automatically saved. So, in a worst-case scenario, you have made some edits, saved them, and now your page looks horrible! What do you do? Click the “Revisions” tab at the top of the page or edit form. Here you can view the page as it appeared at different points in time.

To preview a revision, simply click its date.

Revisions list with the date of one circled

You’ll be taken to a screen where you can see the page as it existed on that date. To return to the revisions screen, click “Revisions” in the breadcrumb trail.

Preview of a revision, with 'revisions' circled in the breadcrumb trail at top

To revert a page back to a previous revision, click the “Revert” link in the Operations column.

Revisions screen with the revert link circled next to the bottom revision

A new revision will be created, shown as a copy of the original. This new revision is the way the page looks currently.

Revisions screen showing a status message: Basic Page 1 has been reverted back to the revision from Wednesday