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Multiple-upload file (and image) fields

Some (but not all) file and image fields allow you to upload multiple files at one time. The following instructions describe how to do it!

On a field that allows you to upload multiple files at a time, there will usually be some indication of such in the help text on the field (of course, you can try this technique on any field, and it might or might not work!)

Click the Browse button as usual.

Photos field with help text indicating you can upload more than one photo at once. Browse button in upload field highlighted.

In the computer browser that opens, select as many files as you desire (by using CTRL+Click, SHIFT+Click, or drawing a box around the thumbnails), then click “Open.”

Computer file browser with multiple files selected. Open button highlighted at bottom right.

The selection dialog will close and take you back to the edit form. Click the “Upload” button to attach the documents.

Photos field showing 6 files selected. Upload button highlighted after field.

All of the attached files will then be shown on the edit form with their usual fields for modification.

Several uploaded photos with fields for alternate text and title next to each