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Creating Links

Printable Cheat Sheet: Making a Link

AGNR’s Drupal installation has a smart link-finding feature (called Linkit) that enables you to easily link to other pages on the site.

How to create a link

Select the text or image you want to make into a link. Click the Linkit Button.

Linkit button highlighted on the toolbar

When you click the link button, you will see a dialog box with two fields: Search content and Target path. There is also a button labeled “Open File Browser.” From here, you have three choices.

  1. Existing page in the current site: use the “Search content” feature. When you type the name of an already-existing page in the “Search content” field, Linkit will find the page for you and automatically insert the correct URL in the “Target path” field. You can even copy and paste URL's into this box, and Drupal will automatically format them into an internal link. (What if the page is not in the list?)
  2. File or document: click “Open file browser.” Navigate through the folders to find the file you want, then click “Insert file.” Linkit will automatically insert the URL of the file into the “Target path” box.
  3. External site: Copy the URL and paste it into the “Target path” box.
  4. Email address: type the email address into the "Target path" field preceded by "mailto:". For example - ""

In Options 1 and 2, Drupal will automatically fill the Path field with an internal path to the desired page. The URL will probably look unfamiliar (something like "/node/7"). Node is Drupal's term for a piece of content, and the number refers to the ID that the content is stored as in the database. Odd as they may look, when you follow these links, they will take you to a page with a human-readable URL path.

Linkit dialog with text field for search, button for browse, and text field for target path

Click the "Insert Link" button. The overlay should close, and if you deselect the text, you will see it has turned red to indicate it is a link.

Red linked text

How to remove a link

Click anywhere within a link, and the "Unlink" button will become highlighted. The Unlink button looks like a chain being broken. Click the Unlink button to remove the entire link.

Alternatively, highlight part of a link and click the Unlink button to unlink only that part of the text.

Break link icon selected in toolbar