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Creating Anchor Links

Video tutorial: Anchor Links

An anchor link is a particular place within a web page that can be linked to.

Pages that have several sections with links to those sections at the top use anchor links. "Back to top" links also link to anchors.

Creating an Anchor Link

Insert the anchor

Position your cursor in the place where you want the link to go, then click the Anchor button in the toolbar.

Screenshot of the anchor button in the text editor and cursor next to text saying Our Future

In the dialog that opens, give the anchor a name. It is best to use all lower-case alphanumeric characters, without spaces.

Click the Insert button.

Anchor dialog with 'future' as title of anchor

The anchor icon will appear next to the text.

Anchor icon next to text Our Future

Link to the Anchor

Select the text that you want to make into a link and click the Linkit button.

Linkit button in toolbar highlighted, text 'Jump to Our Future' highlighted

In the “Target Path” field, type a pound sign and the name of the anchor you just created.

Click "Insert Link". The text will now link to the anchor.

Linkit dialog with #future in Target Path field

Link to an anchor from another page

The steps above assume the anchor and the link to it are on the same page. However, you can create a link to an anchor from any page just by including the pound sign and anchor name in the full URL.

For example, the full URL of the anchor is

*Don’t forget that when copying URLs from the AGNR sites, to use http:// in the link and not https://