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Helpful Tools

Your website is your home base for communicating on the Internet. But sometimes the website is not the best answer to every question, and sometimes the capabilities built into the website are not quite what you need.

Below is a list of online services and tools that can help you add value to your content on the website. Occasionally these tools are provided by AGNR and will allow you to embed content into an existing web page, but often they stand alone.

TaskRecommended Tools
Mass emails / Mailing Lists
  • AGNR FYI - This newsletter tool is available to all AGNR Faculty and Staff, and allows you to send bulk emails to other AGNR Faculty and Staff. Customized groups are available.
  • MailChimp - To reach groups outside of the College, this is a tried-and-true email provider that allows you to manage mailing list and send bulk messages. It is free for up to 2000 subscribers & 12,000 individual emails per month.
  • G Suite Groups - For a discussion list (sometimes called a listserv) or a shared calendar, try the groups feature in Gmail. UMD Division of IT provides more information.
Events / Registrations
  • AGNR Events - AGNR's websites all offer the ability to create an event calendar with simple registration forms. You can also use Webforms to handle more complex registrations.
  • EventBrite - The main draw to using EventBrite is that it is expertly designed to handle registrations, including paid registrations.
  • Conference & Visitor services - A division of the university that will handle the whole registration process for you.
Video Hosting
  • YouTube - Most groups within AGNR have chosen YouTube to host all video content. YouTube provides some out-of-the box accessibility features and increases the exposure of your video. Once uploaded to YouTube, it is easy to copy and paste the embed code into the content of any piece of website content.
  • Vimeo - Vimeo is a good alternative to YouTube, tending to host more quality content and being less likely to lead your viewers "into the weeds." It is also the platform of choice if you want to keep a video private. Vimeo videos can also be embedded into your website.
Quizzes / Tests
  • Webform - You can use a webform to quiz your visitors, but the disadvantages of Webform include that a real person must process the results and score the test, so users cannot see their results instantly.
  • H5P - This relatively new service offers a number of interactive widgets that you can host on their site or embed into your own. Check out the "Questions" Content Type to see several ways to create a simple quiz.
  • Webform - Again, Webforms are a great way to collect information from your visitors, right from within the site.
  • Qualtrics (UMD Survey) - Qualtrics is provided to all University of Maryland employees as a way to create robust online surveys. Unlike Webforms, they cannot be embedded in the website, but they offer the survey creator a lot more control over options, and the built-in analysis tools are excellent.
Image Editing

Images are central to a good user experience on the web, so if you want to create a good web page, be sure to fill it with good images. The following tools are downloadable editors that you can use to manage your images.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Two copies of Adobe Creative Cloud are available for free to every UMD employee. Use Lightroom to manage photography libraries and tweak images, Photoshop to do more intensive artwork, and Illustrator to work with line drawings such as logos.
  • FastStone Image Viewer - Provides a simpler experience than the sometimes-intimidating Adobe software. Allows you to preview images in their existing folders and perform minor adjustments to images.