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Faculty-Staff Advisory Committee

Welcome to the University of Maryland Extension Faculty and Staff Advisory Committee (UME-FSAC) website.

Do you have an issue or topic you would like to bring to the attention of the committee?  Please click on the Contact Form link at the top of this page and submit.

You may also contact any of the members listed below.  We are committed to bring issues to the attention of the UME administrative team.  As an advisory committee, we can share, advise, and make suggestions; it is up to the administrative team to listen, consider, and decide on matters that affect the entire organization.

To read about the make up and responsibilities of the UME-FSAC, please read page 13 of the UME Plan of Organization.   

Membership consists of county/city, regional and state faculty and staff. There are two representatives from each level of UME as well as four at-large positions for a total of fourteen members. Representatives are from: East Region, West Region, Research & Education Centers, UMD and UMES Faculty and Staff. At-large positions are utilized to ensure committee diversity.  All terms are for two years, with half the membership being replaced every year.

The current membership, contact information, category representing, title, location, and term expiration date follows:

Chair: Ann Sherrard, West-Faculty, 4-H Youth Development, Garrett County, 2016

Chair-elect: Karol Dyson, East-Staff, Area Extension Director-Capital Cluster, 2017

Secretary: Bonnie Boyden, East-Staff, Program Mgmt. Specialist, 4-H Youth Development, Charles County, 2016

Jocelyn Koller, UMES-Faculty, Program & Project Director, 4-H Youth Development, 2015

Mary Kay Malinoski, REC-Faculty, Extension Specialist, HGIC, Re-elected 2017

Jarrod Miller, East Faculty, Ag & Natural Resources, Somerset, 2017

Ginger Myers, West-Faculty, Extension Specialist, WMREC, 2017

Debbie Ross, West Staff, Regional IT Coordinator, 2017

Jacqueline Takacs, East Faculty, Reg'l Watershed Restoration Specialist-Southern MD, 2017

Krisztian Varsa, West-Faculty, Reg'l Watershed Restoration Specialist-Northern MD, 2016

Don Webster, East-Faculty, Wye Research & Educ. Ctr., 2016

Al Asikin, Campus, IT Coordinator and Network Administrator, 2017

Contact any individual on the committee with issues or comments you would like brought up. Your issue will be shared.

UME Plan of Organization