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AGNR Website Basics: Quiz 2

Welcome to the second and final quiz in the AGNR Website Basics Video Training Series. Once you have successfully completed this quiz, you will be granted full contributor access to your website! As with the previous quiz, each question lists the training video containing the answer, so feel free to re-watch the video if you're not sure.

AGNR homepage with Headlines highlighted and toolbar visible

Video: Content Types: News Story
Video: Creating Content
(Video: Unpublishing)
(Video: unpublishing)
Educational ArticleEventPageNews StoryNewsletterPhoto GallerySidebarWebform
A calendar item listing details about something that's going to happen in the future
A copy of a single issue of a newsletter
A collection of images
A form to collect data for purposes such as surveys or quizzes
An informational piece about things that happened in the recent past or to publicize something
An informational piece to provide facts about a subject or teach about a topic
A piece of content that can be attached next to a page or other content
A piece of unstructured content that doesn't fit in the above categories
(Video: Content Types)