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Video Tutorial: Menus

Menus are lists of links that help visitors find their way around a website.

The AGNR sites have many menus:

The top menu (often referred to as the black menu) sits across the top of every site, and features a set list of links. This menu is managed by the Web Development team and cannot be edited.

On the Extension site, additional menus show at the top of County Office and Program pages. These menus have a tabbed appearance and only show the top level of a menu (no children or submenus). These same menus are shown in the left sidebar, but there they can expand to show submenu items.

Sidebar menu with expanded sub-items.
The sidebar menu shows just the current section that the user is viewing. The heading of this menu corresponds to an item at the root level of the black menu. This menu expands and contracts based on what page the user is on.


On any given site, you may have permissions to edit one or more menus. If you do, you will see a “Menus” link in your Toolbar.

Toolbar with Menu link highlighted

If you see that link, you can edit menus using the Menus admin, which is described below.

If you don’t see it, you can still edit menu items on a page-by-page basis. See the section on the “Page” content type for more details.