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Open a link in a new window

How can I make a link open in a new window (or tab)?

While this kind of behavior is possible, we don't recommend it and don't support it on the website.

In the past, the practice of forcing external links to open in new window was fairly commonplace. But these days, as browsers become more usable and users become more knowledgeable, this practice is not only unnecessary, it is downright undesirable.

External links on our sites are denoted by a special icon (External link icon) so that users know that they will leave the site if they click.

As a website content manager, you always want your users to be in control of their experience on your site. When you force the browser to behave in certain ways, you take away their control.

If you still don't believe us, just ask Google, "Should links open in a new window?" to find a plethora of articles explaining why they should not!