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Unpublishing Content

In Drupal, when you create a piece of content, it is published automatically. That means as soon as you click “Save,” it is live on the site for other people to find. However, it is possible to hide content from others with the Publishing Options.

This is useful when you want to save a draft of a new page before you are finished with it. You should also unpublish content when you want to remove it from the site, as “deleting” content is not an option.

You will find the Publishing Options at the bottom of the edit window.

Uncheck Published to hide the content. When Published is unchecked, the content is inaccessible to other users.

To publish the page later, just check the "Published" box and Save!


  • Only the original author of content can access it when unpublished. If you are not the original author, you will no longer be able to see it or edit it if you unpublish it.
  • Once content is unpublished, it will not be listed in menus or in My Workbench! So before unpublishing, write down the URL or bookmark the page.