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The sidebar content type is available on all sites, to enable you to have a reusable sidebar that you can add to any page. The sidebar will show up on the right-hand side of the page.

A page with the right-hand sidebar highlighted

Some sites (such as Extension) already have a default sidebar there. Other sites, such as the main AGNR site, have nothing there unless you choose to add a sidebar manually.

The sidebar contains many fields, so that you may add images, text, links, and custom lists of content.

Adding a sidebar to a page

Not all users can create sidebars, but anyone can add them to their pages. When you create a new basic page, just select the appropriate sidebar's title in the Sidebar field.

Sidebar suggestions appearing after letters have been typed in sidebar field
In this image, the sidebar is selected by an autocomplete of its name. Sidebar fields on some sites use a dropdown menu instead.

Editing a Sidebar

You can always choose to edit a sidebar by finding it in My Workbench; however, sidebars have an easy-access feature.

When you mouse over a sidebar you can edit, a gear icon will show in the upper right corner. Click the gear icon to reveal an edit link.
Sidebar with gear icon showing Edit link showing after clicking the gear icon

*Remember, editing the sidebar will change it for ALL pages to which this sidebar is attached, so modify sidebars with caution!

Creating a Sidebar

Click the "Add (Other) Content" button in your toolbar.
Click "Sidebar" in the list of content types that appears.

There are many fields that can be added, but most of them are self-explanatory so will not be described here. A few notable options:


The title of the sidebar is never displayed when the sidebar is attached to a page or other piece of content. Feel free to name the sidebar something descriptive that will help you find it again.

Title text field

Headlines, Event Calendar, Latest Articles

These three fields are available on Extension sidebars and on many other sites as well. On the Extension site, in each field, you have the option to select the default listing (that contains all of the pieces of the selected content type on the entire site) or the section-specific listing (which contains only the pieces of content that are affiliated with the current section—program or County Office).

If you want to choose to list only the content that pertains to your section, choose the listing that has "section" somewhere in its name.
For example, in the Events field pictured, you would pick "Event Calendar [events:this_section]".

dropdown selectors for Headlines, Event Calendar, Latest Articles