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Photo Gallery

Photo Galleries provide a convenient way to highlight pictures. Many people use Photo Galleries to share images from recent events.

You can add unlimited numbers of photos to an individual gallery, and then each gallery will be listed on the Photo Galleries page.

In a Photo Gallery, images are arranged in a grid. You can optionally add tags to a gallery to describe what it's about.

Screenshot of a photo gallery

When you click on an image in a gallery, it opens in an overlay with a caption.

A photo opening over the top of the gallery page

Most of the fields in a Photo Gallery should be familiar from other content types. However, the Photos field is the centerpiece of any gallery, so it will be covered in more detail!

Photos field

The Photos field is an Image field like many others on the AGNR website. See an overview of how to use an image field.

A few things to keep in mind when creating Photo Galleries:

  • You can upload multiple images at one time.
  • The Alternate Text is essential. Please do not leave it blank!
  • The Title field is optional, and will show up as the caption when the image is displayed full-screen.
Example of photos field with two images uploaded. Each image has an empty text field for Alternate text and Title

Attaching Photo Galleries to content

Once created, a Photo Gallery can be added to News Stories and Sidebars using the "Related Photos" field.

On News Stories, the first few images in the gallery will show up under the main image to provide even more visual interest.

On Sidebars, the first few images in the gallery will be arranged in a grid.

Screenshot of news story with photo gallery highlighted under main image
Screenshot of page with a 4-image photo gallery highlighted in the right sideba