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The College produces a number of newsletters, all of which may be listed on the AGNR newsletters page. Extension programs have their own newsletters page on the Extension site. Most department sites also have a Newsletters page if they publish a newsletter, and one can be created upon request if your site doesn't have one.

For each issue of the newsletter, a Newsletter piece of content must be created, and a PDF must be uploaded. Newsletters are sorted according to publication date and arranged in a grid.

a screenshot of the newsletters listing.

How to add a Newsletter Issue

Click "Add New Content" in your toolbar, then select "Newsletter" from the list. Fill out the following fields. You may see some fields that aren't explained here. This description only covers the fields that may be hard to figure out or require explanation.


The Newsletter content type assumes that you already have a PDF of the newsletter or some sort of attachable document. Upload it here.

Document upload field

Cover Image

An image that will represent the issue on the listings page. In most circumstances, this should be the cover page of the newsletter, but if all your newsletters look the same and you want to distinguish them in some way, feel free to get creative!

The Cover Image field works the same as all image fields, so if you need more help, see "Using Image Fields" in the Cheat Sheets section of the Manual.


A text description of the issue. You may want to use this field to list out the table of contents. If the newsletter is a short email newsletter, for example, you might copy the whole contents into this field.

Publication Series

The series that the newsletter issue belongs to. In most circumstances, the series will be something like "Department Newsletter."

This is an autocomplete field (Identified by the circle in the right side of the text box). As you type, Drupal will suggest terms that have been used in the past. If this is a new newsletter, Drupal will save the name for future use when you hit the save button.

Autocomplete text field for Publication Series

Publication Details

The next few fields cover the details of the time of publication. These include Month, Year, Volume, and Issue numbers. None of these fields are required, but they help keep the listings in order, so it is recommended that you use Month and Year at minimum.

Month, Year, Volume, and Issue fields