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Basic Information

Biographies are used across the AGNR sites to profile AGNR alumni, students, and other individuals. Note that biographies are not currently associated with the staff directory. The alumni listing and the “Meet an Alum” feature in the sidebar, shown below, both use selected information from alumni biographies.

Most AGNR websites come with several pre-defined lists of biographies (for example, a staff listing). As you create biographies, they will automatically be published into the correct lists. However, if you have other groups of people that you'd like to feature separately, the Web Development team can work with you to create a new listing page.

The faculty listing on the AREC site is automatically generated using information from Biographies.

How to Add a Biography

*Note that there are many fields in the Biography content type, and not all of them will be listed here – only those that are common or need more explanation. Depending on what site you work on, some of these fields may not be present.

Name Fields

At the top of the edit form, you must fill in several required fields about the person's name. The "Display Name" field is analogous to the Title field in most other Drupal content types, and will display at the top of the biography. First name and last name are used in other displays (such as the "Faculty" listing pictured above as well as to sort the listings alphabetically.

Text fields for Display Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name


Upload a photo of the person being listed. Optionally, you can choose to browse for a photo already on the server.

Portrait File upload field


On the main AGNR site, Biographies are used to profile current students and alumni. The person's major can be selected in this box.

Hold down CTRL while clicking to select more than one major.

Dropdown for selecting a major


Yes, the Biography content type has a "Biography" field! This is where you can enter any amount of textual information about the person profiled. This field uses the full text editor, so you can format the text and add images and links.

There are many similar text fields on the Biography content type: education, certifications, publications, although the options may be different depending on what site you work on. These fields can be used or ignored depending on how detailed you want the biographical information to be.

Large text area for Biography


On sites that have a faculty listing, the Position field is available. This works like a "Tags" field, in that you start typing text into the box, and if your text matches a value already stored in the database, Drupal will suggest it in a dropdown. You may also create new position titles.

Autocomplete Text field for position

Areas of Interest

The Areas of Interest field works in the same way (by offering suggestions as you type), but it can hold multiple values. Just separate the values with commas.