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Types of Content

Much of AGNR’s website content is presented in pages, similar to the pages that constituted the entire AGNR website in Cascade. One new feature in Drupal is the ability to create additional types of content quickly and easily using ready-made forms.  

Creating content with one of these forms ensures that it contains the same kind of information as all other content of the same type (for example, every Biography lets you choose a job role for the person and has fields dedicated for contact information). The content created by these forms is also formatted automatically (Using the Biography example again, every portrait is scaled to the same dimensions, and all the fields are always in the same order). This saves time for you and creates a consistent appearance across the site!

The following is a brief description of the content types currently available in our Drupal installation and how they should be used. Note, in order to keep your administrative interface as uncluttered as possible, you may not have access to all of these content types. However, if you think you might need to create content using one of these specialized forms, just contact the AGNR Web Development team!

For more general information on how to create and edit anything in Drupal, see Creating Content and Editing Content.


[Extension site only] Educational content. Articles are the primary way that Extension educators share their knowledge with the public, and can take many forms, such as Q & A's, or how-tos.


Profiles of people. Currently used for Student Ambassadors, Peer Mentors, Faculty, and department staff.


Job and internship postings. For listing job and internship opportunities within AGNR and without.


Announcements of scheduled events and happenings relevant to the College. If it can be placed on a calendar, it can be considered an event.

Handbook Page

[Extension site only] Educational content with multiple connected pages. Handbooks are like Articles, but with multiple pages and a built-in menu

Landing Page

[Main site only] Pages with links to other sections of the site. Very similar to a basic page, a landing page has additional fields to give it structure and aesthetic appeal.


Newsletters and potentially other periodical publications. This content type enables you to upload a copy of a newsletter issue, enter some basic information, and have it appear in a Newsletters listing.

News Story News and press releases. Regular publishing of News stories makes the AGNR sites as current and dynamic as possible.
Photo Gallery

Collections of images

Program of Study

[Main site only] Academic programs sponsored by the College. Contains fields for all the details of AGNR majors and minors.


Scholarships available to AGNR students. For external scholarships and those sponsored by the College.


Sidebars that subsequently can be attached to pages in the site.


Forms that you can create to collect data from the site's visitors.

Basic page


Static, unstructured content. Basic pages are basically your last resort for posting information on the website, when none of the other content types are suitable.