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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online tool provided by Google that developers can add to a website to track data about how people are using the site. AGNR has Google Analytics enabled on all of its sites, meaning if you work for AGNR, you can use Google Analytics to learn more about your visitors and improve your site!

Things you can learn with Google Analytics include:

  • How many people are visiting
  • What people are doing (looking at, looking for)
  • How people are finding your site
  • What people are trying to find on your site
  • What kind of people make up your audience

Some things you cannot learn with Google Analytics:

  • How much bandwidth your site is using
  • How people are interacting with private (login-protected) pages (This is by configuration on AGNR’s sites and is not necessarily true of Google Analytics in general)

If you want to get started using Google Analytics for an AGNR website, you’ll have to start by requesting access.